Cmotion CDisplay

Daily $150Weekly $450

    • 4.3’’ touch screen
    • Landscape and portrait operation
    • Graphical, real time depiction of lens movement including depth of field
    • Wireless live video, compatible with Canatrans and Modulus 3000
    • Display real time lens data as overlay, add crosshairs and frame lines
    • Record and playback for video and lens data
    • Camera control including speed and depth of field ramps
    • Autofocus capability with either cmotion’s cfinder or the Cinetape system
    • Use a memory stick to store your video clips direct on an external device
    • Connected the cdisplay to a PC for software updates and lens data transfe

    Developments in technology have not always made a Focus Puller’s job easier. Set-ups, for example Steadicam and crane work make it more of a challenge for Focus Pullers to be positioned next to or close to the camera. So, what happens when the camera starts moving? Where is the middle of the frame? And, is the frame actually in focus? With the original cdisplay, the Focus Puller was provided with technical lens data. The new cdisplay II however can provide a real-time video image direct from the camera (with the option of lens data overlay) wherever you are in relation to the camera, helping you to stay in focused.

    All on one screen

    The new cdisplay II is a valuable assistant for every Focus Puller. Based on the feedback and recommendations we have received from Focus Puller’s around the world, the cmotion team have successfully developed a modular video display as part of the award winning cmotion wireless lens and camera control system. By using the cdisplay II, Focus Pullers can see the same real-time image as the cameraman, with the added advantage of selectable and moveable lens and camera data. Therefore you can remain focused on a single display, while staying focused on the shot. It is possible to view video with lens data as an overlay in landscape orientation, or as a split screen in portrait:

    Check yourself

    Time is money, and as a result, shoots are getting faster and faster. Was my last take actually in focus, or was it soft? cdisplay II benefits from an internal memory to store up to 2 hours of Video and technical data (focus and iris value, etc.) As soon as the camera is rolling, cdisplay II can record video with lens and camera data. After each shot, the Focus Puller is able replay the video and technical data on the cdisplay II without assistance from the video village. Despite the size of the video replay not being big enough to see if everything is in focus, the lens and camera data for each take is available. So, in the case of any doubt, the Focus Puller can check the real focus distance and compare it with the used focus distance on the display. This exclusive video and lens data record function provides the Focus Puller with greater flexibility and confidence in their job.

    “Frame it”

    2 pre-set Frame lines and a moveable crosshair can be added to the video view. It is also possible to edit the size of the frame and the colour of both.
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