Cmotion C3-SET Wireless F.I.Z System

Daily $350Weekly $1050

The Cmotion C3 Set is a wireless, modular 3 motor control system for one or two users. With this system you can control the focus, iris and zoom.

The C3 Set is the cmotion 3 motor control set. It can assume hard  wired and wireless control of up to three motors. The set includes control hand units for focus, iris and zoom. Three motors are included in the set. The set also includes a zoom handle ( chandle ), all cables, all fastening tools and all necessary accessories including three batteries and a charger. The czoom can be attached directly to the coperate allowing for an allinone, 3 motor control hand unit. The czoom can also be attached to the chandle and be used independently. With the help of the cfastczoom it can also be attached to the panbar. With the chandle and the coperate you are able to start/ stop various camera, such RED Panasonic, Sony & Arri wireless.

The C3 Set can be upgraded to cmotion's Complete Set.

1 x Carmin (The brain of the system)
1 x Coperate (The Control Unit)
1 x Set Zoom + Chandle (All in one Zoom Control)
1 x Cfastner (Universal clamp for rods from 15-28mm with 1/4" thread
1 x Cfast-czoom (Fastner-set for czoom and czoom II)
1 x Cfast-camin (Fastner for camin)
1 x Ctruss (fastner for coperate)
3 x Heden Motor