Preston FI+Z New G4

Daily $450Weekly $1350

Preston FI+Z, wireless lens and camera control system is known worldwide for its combination of precision, simplicity and ruggedness. It consists of the Hand Unit, Motor Driver, a set of Digital Motors, a Micro Force zoom control, and a variety of optional controls including wireless Focus/Iris, Zoom, and F/X units, as well as the new RED interface cable which allows wireless control of camera start & stop functions.

The new HU3 software called "Lens Mapping" allows the focus distance markings of a lens to be matched to a set of five pre-marked focus scale rings. These rings differ in their minimum focus marks.
A bright, sharp, organic LED display shows camera, lens, and Hand Unit set-up status. Focus settings can be displayed digitally for Cooke i-Lenses, or any lens which has been calibrated to the unit. 

Electronic focus marks can also be entered and displayed. A new bargraph display mode shows graphically the relation between the focus knob setting and any nearby focus marks.