K-Tek KA-113-CCR Articulated Boom Pole Carbon Fiber

Daily $35Weekly $105

The KA-113 has four telescoping sections before the joint and two more after providing a reach of nearly nine and one half feet. (113 inches)

Five positively locking positions provide articulation at 90, 112.5, 135, 157.5 and 180 degrees. This allows the microphone to be placed at or over the subject…. over obstructions or other poles.

The articulation allows the operator to comfortably hold the pole with one hand with the mushroom base at the belt line, freeing one hand to operate the mixer. The pole goes up …over … and back down to accurately position the microphone while staying outside of the frame line.

Invert the pole and the articulation allows the pole to go under and back up to position the microphone.

A simple two person interview can be done with the mushroom base on the floor (or operators toe) and the articulated section positioned over the talent. Rotating the pole moves the microphone.