Timecode Buddy

Daily $150Weekly $450

timecode-buddyThe Timecode Buddy allows users to generate perfectly accurate timecode, sync audio and picture wirelessly over a robust multi-channel RF digital timecode link, and share real time timecode and production metadata with iOS devices over wifi.

Denecke TS-C Time Code Slate Compact

Daily $55Weekly $165

Denecke TS-C SlateThe Denecke TS-C is a compact full featured smart slate, capable of reading, generating and displaying SMPTE/EBU time code. Its new compact size makes the TS-C ideal for documentary work, insert shots, or anywhere a big slate is too cumbersome.

Ambient Lockit Box

Daily $75Weekly $225

Ambient ACL204 Lockit BoxThe Lockit box, as its name suggests, can be used to genlock almost any camera and audio machine to the accurate Clockit crystal, thus reducing timecode drift between machines to under 1 frame a day without the use of cables or radio links.