HME Wireless Headset

Daily $450Weekly $1350

hme-wirelessThe HME Headset system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversation with two-channel interfacing for intercom communications. Its compat design makes it highly portable and very quick to set up and operate.

Lectrosonics R1A IFB Wireless Receiver

Daily $25Weekly $75

lectrosonics-r1a 01The receiver is housed in a rugged machined aluminum package. A spring-loaded belt clip provides a secure mounting on a wide variety of belts, pockets and fabrics. The belt clip is removable to reduce its size and allow mounting into other types of bags and belt worn mounting systems common in field production.

Lectrosonics T1A IFB Wireless Transmitter

Daily $25Weekly $75

lectrosonics-t1a 01A unique benefit of the LM design is multi-mode compatibility with several different hybrid and analog receivers. Best performance is achieved when the LM transmitter is used with a hybrid receiver, however, the DSP also provides emulation of an analog compandor so the unit can be switched for use with 100 and 200 Series Lectro receivers.