IndieCam GS2K

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  • Resoution 1920x 1080
    Frame rate: 1080p60, 1080p90 with RAW over SDI
    Shutter: Global
    Optical CMOS 2/3

    The IndiePOV operates stand-alone without the need of a control-box. It is especially well suited for 3D and other multi-camera-applications because it offers Genlock-Sync through a second 3G-SDI connector. Multiple Indoe POVs can easily be daisy-chained and simultaneously configured via one remote connection. Because of its small size in can be used on parallel 3D rigs win an IO of 40mm.

    The IndiePOV is a compact HD camera, delivering progressing 1920x1080 images at frame rates up to 90p. At 1280x720 it can even reach up to amazing 180 fps. The camera features RAW-over-HDSDI as well as 10bit uncompressed 4:2:2 via 3G-SDI output.
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