P+S Technik Freestyle 3D Stereo Rig

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  • The brand-new Freestyle Rig is especially designed to offer a maximum of creative choice for camera movement in 3D production. By using patented Carbon technology, also used for Formula 1 race cars, the best combination of load capacity, stability, form and weight was achieved.

    Designed for constant equilibration, the rig always keeps camera weights in perfect balance when wireless adjusting the stereo base. Integrated motors for stereo base and angulation adjustment optimize weight and are compatible with available wireless remote control systems. A wide range of professional lenses and cameras up to a 7 kg or 15.4 lbs. per camera setup can be carried by the Freestyle Rig. A range of ergonomic mounting accessories prepare this rig also for shoulder, crane, jib, steadicam, tripod and dolly use.


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