IndieCam GS2K

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  • The indieGS2K is the first miniature CMOS camera with a global shutter on the market.

    Its modular design and a selection of durable and compact accessories makes it the perfect tool for every shot that demands the highest possible image quality, minimal weight and tight dimensions. In addition to this, the indieGS2K enables you to shoot the roughest action footage free from rolling shutter issues.

    The camera measures only 40 x 40 x 100 mm, weights just 170g and operates stand-alone without the need of a control-box. It incorporates a high-grade 2/3 inch CMOS imager and delivers up to 60 frames in 12 bit RAW. A stunning 120p can be achieved with 10 bit RAW. The highest image quality is obtained by using our unique Instant-RAW workflow that delivers 12 bit CinemaDNG files.

    This unique feature set and the fact that the indieGS2K integrates smoothly into almost any post-production workflow makes it a versatile tool for feature film, high-end broadcast production and live coverage. The camera has a C-mount with adjustable back-focus that allows you to choose from the wide range of high-resolution lenses. Adaptors for PL- and B4-mount are also available.

    Since it offers Genlock- Sync output and input through a second BNC-connector, the indieGS2k is especially well suited for 3D and other multi-camera applications. An array of cameras can easily be daisy-chained and simultaneously configured via one single remote connection.  Highlights

    One of a kind global shutter 2/3 inch CMOS camera
    Superb 2K image quality and wide dynamic range
    12 bit colour depth to take your images to the big screen
    Extremely lightweight and compact
    Minimum interocular distance of only 40 mm for 3D usage
    C-mount with PL-mount and B4-mount option

    Sensor Size 8.8x6.6mm
    Resolution 2K, 1080
    Frame Rate

    24-60 @ 2K
    24-60 @ 1080

    Base ISO 320
    Latitude 10.5 Stops
    Bit Rate / Format / Time

    12 Bit RAW
    Optional: 10 Bit ProRes or 10 Bit DNX220

    Weight 6 oz
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