Eclipse CX

Daily $300Weekly $900

JLCooper's new Eclipse CX - is our first fully integrated Colorist Command Station for use with advanced video color correction and editing software. It's a professional-quality color grading control surface with conveniently placed controls at your fingertips, in a newly designed enclosure style, with metallic finish and brushed aluminum end caps.

It features a full array of controls including 3 custom transparent, backlit trackball mechanisms with purpose designed, free-spinning control rings. New molded ring surface insures precise control.

Eclipse has a variety of interface options to work in virtually every situation. MIDI I/O and a SMPTE/MTC reader are built- in. Add optional RS-232, RS-422/9PIN, USB, 10/100 Ethernet and GPI connections.

JLCooper controllers let you zip through work flow faster and with increased proficiency. They empower you with the ease-of-use and tactile elegance that is missing from “software only” user interfaces.

With the worlds largest line of control products for computer-based editing systems, our products set the standards others follow.

New Mapping Software for OSX allows Ethernet or USB equipped controllers to access most editing functions in Final Cut Pro and other professional applications. It provides context-sensitive Final Cut Pro Jog/Shuttle and user control of text displays. Easy to use mapping controls let Eclipse work with most any software.

Our smart software driver knows which application is in the foreground and switches automatically for seamless control.

Based on MCS-3000 Series - Media Command Station components, it's compatible with DaVinci Resolve, Apple (Final Cut Studio 2/Color), IFX (Piranha Cinema HD), IRIDAS (Speedgrade) and others.

A new Eclipse Bridge Controller/Expander (not shown) adds 4 additional banks of VF displays, 3 hi-res push-button rotary encoders per bank (with reset buttons) and 8 global function keys.

Eclipse CX is the perfect addition to your digital intermediate or finishing suite.

You get fast access to color parameters with 6 smooth, high-resolution rotary encoders and 5 detented rotary encoders. There are 41 illuminated function keys, 7 edit keys, 3 VF displays, blue LED timecode display, professional transport buttons with status indicators and JLCooper's custom optically encoded jog wheel with shuttle ring.