Ovide Smart Assist

Daily $595Weekly $1785

  • VTR for two cameras internally, up to 8 cameras with quad split and 64 linked together

    Prores recording, 4444, 422, 422HQ, proxy

    Prores files can be used for editorial, all metadata will match up

    Ability to read filename and timecode for all Red and Alexa cameras

    Detects when camera is recording

    Very powerful database, search by scene numbers, takes, good takes etc

    750gb internal hd

    40 hours proxy

    4444 capacity (tbt)

    Powered externally

    1 camera battery = 1 hour 20 minutes

    Block battery = 6 hours

    HDSI - 2 outputs

    12v power accessory outputs

    Startup time is 25 seconds

    Virtually no setup time

    Usb3 inputs


    Dual battery for hotswap capabilities

    Live stream

    Transcodes to h.264

    Almost 8 hours of prores 422HQ

    C-stand mount

  • Touch screen interface, mouse and keyboard accessible

    1920 x 1080 resolution

    bit depth: 8 bit

    22” dislplay
  • Can edit and export to final cut pro & premiere pro

    Built in compositing software

    Copra 4 integration playback to ipads
  • Difference mode

    Side by side

    Simulate convergence points

    Anamorphic de-squeeze

    Flip & flop

    Wipes & blends

  • Record LUTs


    Slave system to a live grade station