Codex Vault 2

Daily $1250Weekly $3750

  • Fast transfers, automated production management, full reporting, rugged design and a compact size make the Vault the hub of any on-set or near-set file based workflow. The Vault supports digital cinema cameras made by ARRI, Sony, Canon, RED and other industry leaders. It is a stand-alone solution requiring no external drives or processing. It is designed to eliminate much of the complexity involved in designing workflows while taking full advantage of the efficiencies of file-based production and the ability to share rich metadata with 8TB of internal storage. 

    The Vault 2 has the following drives:
    • Codex Capture Card (x2)
    • Red Mag (x2)
    • CFast 2.0
    • Sony AXSM (x2)
    • SxS (x2)
    • SSD
    • CF Cards
    • USB 3.0
    • USB 2.0
    • Ethernet