Leader lV 5330

Daily $400Weekly $1200

The LV 5330 Multi-SDI Test Monitor from Leader is designed for on-camera and portable applications. It offers picture, waveform, vector, audio, and status screens that can be displayed individually or in multi-screen representations.
Other features include settable error-level monitoring and alarms, as well as extensive data analysis. A screen-capture function is designed to facilitate communication between production and post-production personnel and aid in project documentation.

  • This test unit monitors (2) SD/HD-SDI sources and displays picture, CINELITE, CINEZONE, waveform vector, 5-bar, audio, and status displays in various combinations.
  • It features a built-in 6.5" TFT-LCD XGA display (1024 x 768) for enhanced waveforms and picture representations.
  • CINELITE offers on-picture measurements and CINEZONE offers false color displays and peaking function to facilitate camera focus and exposure setups.
  • Use this instrument to monitor R,G,B levels and composite gamut with a 5-bar display.
  • Time-code referenced gamut error logs facilitate material QA and improve workflows.
  • User-settable error levels and alarms facilitate monitoring.
  • Embedded audio is displayed in (2) audio channels that are user-selectable and fed to a headphone monitoring output.
  • Picture and waveform representations can be captured, reviewed, and compared in real time.A USB connector allows for the use of a jump-drive for storing captured screens, presets, and software/firmware updates.
  • Various display adjustments facilitate monitor matching within a production or studio environment.
  • (30) presets permit quick access to setups and USB storage of setups allows each user to personalize the instrument.
  • The unit accepts Black Burst, as well as tri-level sync for external reference and facilitates system timing.
  • This unit can be mounted in a standard equipment rack and occupies one half width by 3U of rack space.
  • The instrument also features top and bottom mounts for tripod attachment.
  • This unit offers XLR power or can be used with a separately available AC adapter.
  • A battery attachment plate can also be added separately.