Lectrosonics T1A IFB Wireless Transmitter

Daily $25Weekly $75

A unique benefit of the LM design is multi-mode compatibility with several different hybrid and analog receivers. Best performance is achieved when the LM transmitter is used with a hybrid receiver, however, the DSP also provides emulation of an analog compandor so the unit can be switched for use with 100 and 200 Series Lectro receivers.

Digital Hybrid Wireless™ technology (US patent pending)
Multi-mode compatibility with Digital Hybrid and analog receivers
256 synthesized frequencies
50 mW output power
DSP based pilot-tone signal
DSP controlled, dual envelope input limiter
5-pin input jack for mic and line level signals
Rugged machined aluminum construction

The LM transmitter brings Digital Hybrid Wireless™ technology to a moderate cost level while preserving superb performance and maximum flexibility.