Stereotec Side-by-Side Mini


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  • Two Side by Side Rigs for your 3D shoot
    The side by side 3D rigs by STEREOTEC for use on landscape, helicopter (with Side by Side Maxi Rig) or in small spaces like in a car, handheld, on a steadycam or crane (with small cameras like CUNIMA (Wige), LMP (Lux Media Plan), MODULA (Easylooksystems), ICONIX… on the Side by Side Mini Rig).
    •  precise
    •  adjustable in roll, tilt, convergence and interaxial
    •  durable and rugged
    •  digital counters (for interaxial, convergence)
    •  motorizable (interaxial and convergence)
    •  splashwater proof (complete housing version)
    •  interaxial of 120 mm / appr. 4,7 inch (larger interaxials available)
    •  weight: appr. 1400 g / 3 pound