Converging Concepts CC3D Gen-2

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  • The rig uses custom dovetail plates with specialized camera, lens, and lens motor supports to quickly and rigidly mount any camera and lens combination. All camera alignments are motorized, and adjustable with the remote hand control unit allowing lateral, vertical, and angular adjustments to be precisely and easily made. Internal illuminated targets mean that external charts are no longer required, and the strong perimeter frame of the rig maintains critical alignment in all attitudes. A backlit LCD on the hand unit displays full system status, while damped concentric knobs provide accurate convergence and interaxial settings, either independent or linked. Camera run/stop controls are included, and the cameras and accessories are powered directly from the rig with dedicated camera-specific cables.  For those cruel moments when all the electrons die all the rig adjustments can be made manually.

    The CC3D rig may be used either upright or inverted, and an integral motorized baseplate automatically adjusts balance for Steadicam use.  Its size and weight makes it easy to mount on conventional cranes, heads and dollies..

    Weighing 16 pounds the CC3d-Gen1 is 18" wide x 22" long x 17" high.  Interacial range is zero to 4" (102mm), convergence zero to 6 degrees.