SI-2K Nano

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  • The Nano sensors are an extremely versatile 3D system. There lightweight, compact size makes them ideal for unobtrusive POV shots that would be more difficult with more cumbersome cameras.

    See pictures using the Radiant Images body mount.

    The tiny SI-2K Nano was conceived in 2011 by Babak Mansouri, brother of Radiant Images co-founder Michael Mansouri, to meet the POV camera needs of Director David Ayer for his new movie, End of Watch (2012), a gritty cop drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. SI-2K Nanos were strapped to the chests of the two actors for POV shots and are integrated into the storyline.

    The Nano shoots 2K uncompressed RAW 4:4:4 cinema quality using Silicon Imaging (SI) sensor components encased in a sturdy outer shell.
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