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Truelight is the world's only complete film colour management system for pre-visualising film images on electronic display devices. Truelight enables artists, colourists, cinematographers and directors to review, accurately, the final look of the film at any point in the digital post-production process—reducing film-outs, matching and rework, and saving valuable time.

Truelight's success lies in its innovative, measurement-based process to generate 3D transforms (known as cubes or LUTs) that convert specific colour spaces. And, unlike desktop publishing or broadcast video devices, the Truelight Monitor and Projector Probes are purpose-built instruments for characterising high-contrast motion picture displays.

As a result, a correctly calibrated Truelight system is able to compensate for any variable in the post-production workflow, such as differing lab processes, film stocks and displays, and generate a preview that is identical to the final print or Digital Cinema Package (DCP).

Truelight is completely adaptable, and can be scaled from a single system to a complete studio. Modular hardware and software components allow for flexible, tailored solutions.

Every product is backed-up by a dedicated international support team with a comprehensive knowledge of colour science.

Truelight is the de-facto standard—adopted worldwide and trusted for use on Baselight as well as other grading systems. Many facilities are also committed to our Truelight Theatre Certification Program, which recognises the standard of the theatre—a key competitive advantage for any DI service provider.