LitePanels Cinema LED Ringlite

Daily $160 Weekly $480

The Litepanels RLC-S is a Ringlite Cinema on camera light kit. The Ringlite Cinema is an on camera light featuring 72 LED lights; the element encircles the lens and offers a direct, soft, adjustable and innovative lighting capability. This light is 19" in diameter and is designed to work with professional film and broadcast video cameras.Control Ringlite controls lighting through three separate, adjustable circuits. Operators can select 24, 48 or the full 72 LED segments. Thanks to its heat-free and flicker-free output, Ringlite can be moved in close with no discomfort to the subject.

The system's ergonomic integrated dimmer control enables instant dimming from 100% to 0 with minimal shift in color. For additional lighting refinement, a set of interchangeable correction/diffusion gels is available. The highly illuminate LED system only draws 70 watts of power. Design and Mounting Measuring 19" in diameter with an open center of 9" and a depth of 3.5", this slim, low-profile light source fits comfortably around virtually any professional shooting lens. Outfitted with a Panavision, Arriflex or video bracket, the unit mounts firmly on the camera system's lightweight support rods. Ringlite can also be mounted remotely via a baby-pin bracket, or handheld.