Meet the Team

Michael Mansouri

Michael Mansouri – Co-Founder

Michael is the co-founder of Radiant Images, known as one of the

industry's most knowledgeable, inventive and passionate

technologist in 2D, 3D, AR, VR and beyond. Michael was invited to

become an associate member of the American Society of

Cinematographers, ASC membership is by invitation and is

extended only to experts with distinguished credits in the film


Michael has received numerous awards including the prestigious

Mario Awards were established to recognize significant technical

breakthroughs. In 2016, Mansouri was named by the StudioDaily

on its inaugural list of The Top Creatives & Technologists.

recognizing key creatives and technologists whose leadership and

influence in all parts of the industry who are breaking new

ground in media and entertainment.

Michael has be part of some of the largest, most impactful

immersive experiences in the world. Including of most recent

NASA / JPL’s 2018 Emmy win for Outstanding Original Interactive

Program for Cassini’s Grand Finale.

One word friends use to describe Michael: passionate
Favorite movies: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Midnight Cowboy, Amadeus & Being There.
Role Model: My mom, who had the most positive outlook toward life
Hobbies/Interests: filmmaking, cooking

Why Radiant? “The strength of Radiant Images is our ability to help filmmakers achieve their vision without compromise. We look at a challenge or a frustration and find a creative solution that pushes a project forward. We also focus on uncomplicating digital cinema – simple, fast and efficient. That’s how we work.”

gianna 01

Gianna Wolfe – Co-Founder
Gianna started Radiant Images with Michael Mansouri in 2005. She works closely with business experts, advisors and senior management to control and manage operations for the synchronization of the business as a whole. Gianna also relies on various business matrices for cash flow management, investing and financing decisions.

Prior to Radiant Images, as an entrepreneur, Gianna acquired extensive business management and operational real-world experience in the luxury automotive design business for nearly ten years. This provided her with an acute attention to detail and client services while still being able to focus on strategic planning and making key decisions for the big picture.

One word friends use to describe Gianna: positive
Favorite movies: Pan’s Labyrinth, Papillon, Fargo
Role Model: Michael Mansouri because of his dedication, drive & integrity
Hobbies/Interests: her dog

Why Radiant? “Our focus at Radiant Images from the start has been to put the needs of our clients’ first. We are committed to that principle and I’m proud to say that I think it shows each and every day.”

syrous 01

Syrous Nabatian – General Manager
Syrous is a natural leader who brings a unique blend of management experience and digital camera technology expertise to his role at Radiant, where he oversees and supervises rental operations and technical support. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in rental house management and camera technology. Syrous joined Radiant in 2012 after serving as Director of Operations at S.two Corp., Operations Manager at Dalsa Digital Cinema, and Lead Service Technician at Panavision, where he served as the primary technical liaison for clients in the service department. He is fluent in four languages – English, Russian, German and Farsi.

One word friends use to describe Syrous: admirable
Favorite movies: Bull Durham, Casablanca, Ben Hur (75mm),
Night of the Iguana

Role Model: Business: Rob Hummel Personal: My father
Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, soccer, football, animals, hiking

Why Radiant?Radiant Images is a unique company with a vision geared towards the future, which is refreshing. The combination of customer service and innovation is almost unmatched. It is my utmost pleasure to be a part of this exciting, dynamic group of people. Our goal here is to enable the cinematographers to achieve their vision cost effectively and painlessly.”

franco Franco Lodato, PhD – Chief Innovation Officer
Franco is a provocateur and visionary. He pioneered “Bionics,” the theory and practice of nature-inspired design, and is an expert in the interplay between design and technology. He has served as Master Innovator of wearable technologies for Google-Motorola, was Motorola’s MIT Media Lab Liaison, led Design for Herman Miller and led Pirinfarina in N.A. Franco holds 76 patents including the first wireless ECG, a multi-blade conformable razor (precursor to Gillette’s Mach3), and the Motorola i830/833. Franco has helped shape innovation agendas for Motorola, Dupont, Coca-Cola, Ferrari-Maserati, Boeing and others.

tony Tony Ferriter – Senior Client Relations 
Tony utilizes his strong and varied knowledge of the movie and television industry to serve clients as a member of Radiant’s Rental Department. He worked for nearly 20 years at Panavision International, where in addition to serving as a rental agent also worked as a shipping clerk, camera scheduler, worldwide inventory representative and a projectionist and film developer. Fluent in Spanish, Tony studied film and broadcasting at Los Angeles Valley College. He grew up in Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley and now lives in Thousand Oaks.

One word friends use to describe Tony: optimistic
Favorite movies: GoodfellasThere Will Be BloodPulp FictionOffice Space
Role Model: Ludwig Von Beethoven
Hobbies/Interests: Playing the drums, drawing 

Why Radiant? "Radiant Images is a vibrant company that is very cognizant of and responsive to the needs of today’s filmmaker. Here at Radiant, the rental department and the technicians serve as collaborators as well as suppliers and that truly does set the company apart from competitors.”

kurt lin

Kurt Lin – Design Engineer 
As Radiants' in-house design engineer, Kurt helps develop advanced camera systems for virtual reality, light-field, volumetric capture, augmented reality, AI, and machine vision.  He is the engineer behind Radiants' patent-pending designs such as AXA, Sense9, and Meridian light-field capture systems.

One word friends use to describe Kurt: smiling
Favorite movies: Man on Fire, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Role Models: Denzel Washington, Kuo-Chang Huang
Hobbies/Interests: Snowboarding, tennis, and gaming  

Why Radiant? "Radiant Images is the rockstar of the industry.  I heard about Radiant Images while I was working in Asia, and working here has been like a dream which has come true.”