Marshall 3D-241-HDSDI 24"

Daily $500Weekly $1500

  • Marshall 24 inch 3D Monitor
    At a size of only 2-1/4" (57mm) deep, it uses advanced engineering to deliver natural, flicker-free 3D images by adopting a circular polarizing filter method when used with battery-free glasses.

    The circular polarizing system used employs a 3D Xpol optical filter applied to the surface of the display. The 3D-241-HDSDI also has 4 HDSDI inputs which provide the ability to monitor two 3D (right eye / left eye) HDSDI signals. By using circular polarized glasses, the user can simultaneously view multiple 3D monitors in a production or multimedia environment. This monitor also supports IMD (In-Monitor Display) functions through RS-422/RS-485 connections (Quad-View mode).
  • Marshall3D-241-HDSDI24inMonitorKit