AJA HD10A Component HD to HD-SDI

Daily $125Weekly $375

  • The HD10A is an Analog to Digital HDTV signal converter; it accepts a 3-wire Component HDTV analog video signal (and sync) and converts to HD-SDI digital HDTV signal. This unit can also operate as a DA offering 3 identical HD-SDI output signals.

    An HD-SDI signal can be derived from cameras, computers with HD RGB graphics and HD-VTR's with analog only output features.
    Distribution Amplifier Capabilities
    This unit accepts one analog signal and outputs three digital signals, therefore offering distribution amplifier capabilities within a signal conversion device.
    HD Formats
    This device works with a variety of High Definition formats including; 1080i, 1035i, 1080psf and 720p.
    Compact Size
    Measuring less than six inches long, this unit will fit into small studio spaces or desktop applications very easily.
  • AJAHD10AHDAnalogtoHD-SDIConverterKit