Heads up Display

Daily $175Weekly $525


  • Head worn and hands free, the Heads up Display replaces a direct-view display while enhancing the capabilities of the user.

Alphatron EVF

Daily $125Weekly $375

alphatron-3g 01Retina LCD Display; 3.54” (960x640, 16:9)

SmallHD DP4 4.3in

Daily $75Weekly $325

small-hd-dp4 01Dual use monitor or EVF with an easy flip of your finger!


Daily $300Weekly $900

red-bomb-oled 01RED BOMB EVF (OLED) brings advanced OLED technology into the field, providing truer blacks and more color accurate images when monitoring your image. Compact form factor, high-resolution, and rich 30-bit RGB color representation make the RED BOMB EVF (OLED) digital viewfinder the perfect choice for even the most critical eyes.


Daily $225Weekly $675

red-bomb 01Content: 720P color image plus GUI
Resolution (color): 30-bit RGB, expandable to 36-bit at default Dark Detail setting


Daily $175Weekly $525

red-evf 01The RED Electronic Viewfinder [EVF] is a CCIR709 8-bit color 1280 x 848 4:4:4 viewfinder that interfaces with the camera via a proprietary 17-pin 0B LEMO connector. The viewfinder has a tally light that can be enabled or disabled via software.

Cineroid EVF

Daily $95Weekly $285

cineroid 01The new color Cineroid EVF has a flexible viewfinder with a 3.2 inch WVGA LCD providing wide-angle view. Specially designed for HDSLR videography, can be used with and DSLR or Video camera with an HDMI signal out. Peaking, Zebra and a convenient flip-up eyepiece make this a great new tool.

Kinotehnik LCDVFe Viewfinder

Daily $100Weekly $300

kinotehnik-lcdvfe 01LCDVFe is an universal production style electronic viewfinder with Retina-like display, superior ergonomics and realtime response unique to the industry.


Daily $150Weekly $450

ps-evf 01Compatible with SI-2K cameras.

Zacuto Z-Finder Pro

Daily $95Weekly $285

zacuto-zfinder 01Zacuto's Z-Finder Pro 3x optical viewfinder is a necessary tool for shooting sharp, stable video on DSLR cameras like the Canon 5D MkII, 7D, Nikon D90, D300s and others.