Sony PVM-1741 17" OLED

Daily $395Weekly $1185

Sony PVM-1741The PVM-1741 “All in one” OLED monitor delivers unparalleled picture quality with high-value performance features and functions, all in a compact design. Sony’s 25-inch Super Top Emission OLED display panel benefits from superb black performance, wide colour gamut, and quick response with virtually no motion blur. By combining the Sony OLED display panel (Full HD, 10-bit driver) and Sony’s OLED processing technologies, the PVM-2541 OLED monitor delivers groundbreaking picture quality.

Panasonic BT-LH1760W 17"

Daily $345Weekly $1035

panasonic-bt-lh1760-17 01The BT-LH1760W is suitable for broadcast and professional applications. The monitor compensates for RGB accuracy in 256 discrete steps. The rated gamma properties (g = 2.2) are reproduced and the gradation suitable for broadcasting is achieved. Color temperature is selectable from 3 preset values, 9300K, 6500K and 5600K as well as totally custom settings ranging from 3000K to 9300K.

Panasonic BT-LH1710 17"

Daily $275Weekly $825

panasonic-bt-lh1710-17 01FEATURES: •High-speed response - no blurring thanks to our overdrive circuit •Industry's lowest delay - Image Processing Circuit (I/P conversion algorithm)