TVLogic VFM-056W/WP

Daily $175Weekly $525

  • With HDMI to HDSDI converter built in!
    Some of the really cool features:

    • DSLR Scale: Function Scales SD output from a DSLR to 1280×800 Full Screen
    • Focus Assist (Peaking Filter): Red Color is displayed on sharp edges to enhance focus accuracy
    • Various Scan Modes: ZERO SCAN, UNDER SCAN, OVER SCAN and 1:1 PIXEL FOR PIXEL
    • Markers: Choose framing markers for CENTER, SAFETY AREA, FIT and more.
    • SDI Loop Through: Feature allows your HDMI or SDI input signal to be looped through to a second display via SDI
    • Waveform/Vector Scope: Displays waveform luminance (Y Level) and Vesctor Scope (B-Y, R-Y on XY axis) in Y/Cb/Cr, Wide and Line modes
    • Range Error: Selected values (Y MAX, Y MIN, C MAX, C MIN) are indicated in WAVEFORM/VECTOR* or Y/Cb/Cr modes
    • Y Level Check: Displays Y Level as a solid color on screen to assist in exposure adjustments
  • TVLogicVFM-056W5.6inHDMonitorKit24vMOD