microLite HD Elite

Daily $550Weekly $1650

  • The NEBTEK Microlite HD System is a complete Video RF link in a portable package with all the accessories chosen to optimize total system performance.

    Starting with the award winning microLite HD Transmitter and the microLite HD Receiver, we designed a complete package to serve all your needs. But a superior system demands attention to many details. For example, our engineers hand selected the antennas which are optimized for high gain, durability, and low weight. This provides the exceptional range you need, without compromising microLite’s signature portability. Ergonomic mounting is another hallmark feature.

    The adjustable Manfrotto Magic Arm mount and super clamp allows you to confidently set up the system, being sure that it is safe and secure at all times. This allows you to place the receiver in demanding locations and know that it will stay in place and achieve optimal reception. The transmitter mounting has lightweight and simplicity at its core. To keep the microLite truly light; a camera shoe bracket provides just the right support with minimal added weight to your handheld camera, simply perfect.

    • HD-SDI wireless video transmitter
    • 5.8 GHZ 12 channel
    • License Free
    • MPEG-4 COFDM
    • H.264 encoding
    • Up to 1/2 mile range line of sight
    • 120Ms latency
    • 9-28 volt operation
    • 1.54 Amps at 12 V. 
    • Whisper quiet fan with Silent mode
    • Up to 100mW RF output power
    • 11.5 ounces
    • Width: 3.06"
    • Height: 3.25"
    • Depth: 1.8"
  • IMTMicroliteHDWireless