Anton Bauer Hytron 140

Daily $25 (each)Weekly $75

The NEW HyTron™140, previously offered only to select broadcasters, is the highest capacity battery in the industry not subject to transportation restrictions. It employs a special nickel metal hydride cell technology developed for the newest low emission vehicles and e-bikes.

This new cell design is exclusive to Anton/Bauer for the video industry and provides a capacity improvement greater than 40% compared to the HyTron 100. Due to the robust nature of this cell, it outperforms in applications that leave other chemistries on the sidelines. Capable of loads up to 12 amps, the new HyTron 140 is uniquely able to handle the high current demands of HD cameras fully dressed with the latest production accessories. Digital HyTRON 140 Nickel Metal Hydride Battery 14.4V 140 WH 5.45" x 4.75" x 2.90", 5.5 lbs., (13.84 x 12.06 x 7.37 cm, 2.5kg)

Typical Runtimes: 3hrs. @45watts 4 hrs. @35watts 5.6hrs. @25watts