RED Brick 140W Battery

Daily $25Weekly $75

The RED BRICK is a 140Wh V-Mount battery pack designed specifically for the RED ONE camera. It mounts on the camera via the RED V-MOUNT PLATE. The RED BRICK has a small five-lamp status indicator that is activated by pressing a small, recessed button on the side of the battery. When charging, the battery status indicator switches to a charge status indicator. When all five lights are illuminated, the battery is charged.

The RED BRICK is a standard V-Mount battery design, with a sturdy yet replaceable latching mechanism and guarded contacts. The batteries are fully standard - they could be used on any accessory that accepts V-Mount batteries. The body of the RED BRICK itself is designed with one-hand operation in mind. Unlike many unwieldy V-Mount batteries on the market, the RED BRICK is very easy to handle. Perhaps the most surprising element of the battery is its weight. While the battery, it will be considered a lightweight battery by most who handle it.