B4B 150w Onboard Battery + Charger Kit

Daily $195Weekly $585

  • The 4010 150Wh battery is our mid-size unit, great for cameras w/lights, firestore, etc. Internal protection circuits monitor cell balance, temperature, over charge and over discharge to insure safe and proper operation. The SM-4010 is limited to 2 spare batteries per person carrried on when traveling by air. This limit of 2 batteries does not limit the amount of 90Wh units carried on. For example you may carry 4 (or more 90Wh units) along with 2 of our 120's or 150 Wh units. Integrated P-Tap on the side of the battery allows you to power an additional device from this port. 4-LED Power Gauge for quick capacity status indication. Will charge on most IDX and Sony Lithium compatible chargers.

    Capacity: 10Ah/150Wh
    MAX Load: 95Watts
    Weight: 2lb -- 720 grams
    Size: 6"H x 4"W x 1.5"D
    Average run time on a 25 Watt Camera is 5.5 hours, and will charge on most IDX and Sony brand Lithium chemistry chargers.
  • B4B150wOnboardBatteryChargerKit