RigWheels Rail System

Daily $550Weekly $1650

  • The RigWheels Rail System works as an underslung virtual reality motion control movement solution. The rig can support most VR cameras including the Nokia OZO, GoPro Omni & Jaunt One.
  • 1x Rig Wheels Monorail Carriage
    6x Rig Wheels PortaRail 40in
    6x Rig Wheels PortaRail Connector
    3x Rig Wheels Monorail Inline Hangers
    2x Rig Wheels Baby/Jr Pin Pipe Clamp
    1x Rig Wheels Portarail Case
    1x Syrp Genie Time Lapse Motion Control
    1x Syrp Genie Panning/Linear Mount w/ Rope
    1x Syrp Genie Slider Hook
    1x Syrp Genie Data Cable
    1x Syrp Genie AC Charger