Flowcine Gravity One

Daily $250Weekly $750

    • The Gravity One is an very small lightweight external 2 axis Gimbal (pan axis is the EasyRig Cord).
    • It surrounds the camera externally so the operator can use the camera from shoulder to low mode.
    • Includes x/y positioning stages that enables you to perfectly balance the camera in 3 axis.
    • Free float full bearing pivot supported gimbal in all crucial axis points.
    • Can fully support cameras up to 38 pounds.
    • Eliminates the pendulum effect created from Easyrig style body mounts.
    • Allows the operator to tilt freely with out effort +/- 60 degrees (that is approx. since there is always a little difference in camera height).
    • Allows the operator to freely roll the camera 30 degrees CCW, and 60 degrees CW.
    • Depending on the trim balancing tuning of the camera (perfect or a little bottom heavy) the camera will remain at all given tilting angles or rolling angles effortlessly, and the drag pendulum effect will completely be eliminated.
    • For moves being done without hands on camera, it produces very stable smooth footage, something that cannot be done without the G-1.
    • Width: 355 mm
    • Height: 310 mm
    • Depth: 135 mm
    • Weight: 2.380 g