ArriHead 2 Arri Geared Head II

Daily $250Weekly $675

arri-gearhead-2 01Arrihead 2 Compact geared head supports up to 110lbs, +/- 30° with wedgeplate +/- 90°, Mitchell base, EPL & AC box brackets.

Cartoni Maxima

Daily $200Weekly $600

cartoni maxima-01The Cartoni Maxima Fluid Action Head is a compact, sturdy pan and tilt head with standard Mitchell base.  

Safely supports up to 86 lbs.

Cartoni Lambda Head 2 Axis

Daily $225Weekly $675

cartoni-lambda-2-axis 01The LAMBDA is a NODAL SWING HEAD ideally suited for Cameras fully equipped with long lenses, mattebox and large Accessories.Providing a high level of operational flexibility, this Fluid Head can be easily fitted to a wide range of supports including tripods, dollies, cranes and camera cars.

O'Connor 120EX head

Daily $185Weekly $555

oconnor-120ex 01This head is the flagship of OConnor's new EXTENDED CAPACITY range of fluid heads - the EX range. Based on the new EX-technology this patented head features a new kind of stepless counterbalance system as well as a new ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag designed for film style shooting.

OConnor 2575D

Daily $130Weekly $390

oconnor 2575d-01The OConnor 2575D Ultimate Pan Tilt Fluid Head is available with Mitchell base or 150mm Ball to suit the needs of any production.

Safely supports a maximum weight of 133 lbs at 4" offset.

O’Connor 2060 Head Mitchell / 150 Ball Seat

Daily $125Weekly $375

oconnor-2060 01The Ultimate 2060 tripod system, features the extremely versatile Ultimate 2060 fluid head, with its load capacity of 65 lbs. and is adaptable to a variety of applications from ENG/EFP to 16mm and 35mm film productions.

O’Connor Tripod Sys 1030HDS with carbon fiber sticks 100 Ball Seat

Daily $85Weekly $255

oconnor-1030 02The OConnor 1030HDPKG consists of the 1030HDS fluid head, 08430 small euro platform, 08365 100mm base, 08395 100mm tie down, 1030-145 standard 3/4" pan arm, and the 1030-152 pan arm extension. The 1030HD is designed to deliver the ultimate in control and stability for high definition productions with camera payloads up to 39.0 lbs (17.7 kg).

Tango Swing Head

Daily $150Weekly $450

tango-swing-head 01"Tango" or “Swing” means that you to rotate the picture +45° or –45° around the optical axis. In other words, you affect the angle between the camera and the horizon.

Cartoni C40 Dutch Head

Daily $75Weekly $225

cartoni-c40-dutch 01C40 Dutch Head
is designed to make exceptionally smooth side-tilt effects simple and straightforward to execute.
The Dutch Head integrates the awardwinning Cartoni fluid module in progression from "0" to 7 intensity. The counterbalance system features the 7 step spring mechanism.

Cartoni Spin Head


cartoni-spin 01The Cartoni Spinhead is a spinning tilt camera support head that has a 360° pan and tilt rotation, and allows you to lock the camera in the desired angle.

Manfrotto 3275 Jr. Geared Head

Daily $25Weekly $75

manfroto-3275 01Extremely compact, this unique head offers gear movement in three directions, pan, tilt and side to side tilt. The head incorporates a quick release camera plate system and is suitable for 35mm SLR and medium format cameras.