Ronford-Baker Universal Rolling Spider

Daily $75Weekly $225

ronford-baker-universal-rolling-spider  01The satin anodized Rolling Spider can handle almost any weight and make of tripod, while remaining sturdy and rigid during operation. It can be deployed easily, or can be folded flat and locked together for carrying or storing. It is supplied with both castors (for level floors) & skateboard wheels (for dolly track), which are attached to the Rolling Spider by a thumbscrew, and can be detached quickly. Spreader included.


Daily $45Weekly $135

cinesaddle 01The CineSaddle is a unique camera support product that provides a stable base for a wide variety of shots with fast and easy setup. Use it as a replacement for a tripod or fluid head or mount it to any static or moving object.

Hi Hat Mitchell

Daily $10Weekly $30

hihatHi Hat, available with Mitchell base or 150mm Ball recepticle.

Lo Hat Mitchell

Daily $10Weekly $30

lohatLo Hat, available with Mitchell base.