Nokia Ozo Live Stereo Broadcast

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  • OZO Live is a real-time broadcast solution that delivers live virtual reality experiences to audiences worldwide. It runs on standard reference hardware, delivers a standard UHD video output that plugs directly into your existing 4K broadcast equipment, and allows you to use your own switchers, color correctors, and other gear for a full production workflow. Quick to set up, easy to use, and highly reliable, OZO Live takes VR to a new level.
    • Broadcast quality: Exceptional 3D 360 live stitching video and audio quality
    • Multiple production formats: OZO Live is production format agnostic supporting 2D 360 (such as streaming to YouTube360) as well as 3D 360 delivery
    • Real time camera switching: Use multiple OZOs with standard 4K video switchers
    • Fits into how you work: Standard 4K video output for easy integration into your existing workflow
    • Flexible implementation: Player SDK uses reference architecture as guidance
    • Production-grade reliability: You’ll never drop a frame during mission-critical productions
    • Capture events large and small: Scalable multi-camera support via standard 4K workflows to broadcast events of any size
  • ozo-live-workflow