Boxfish 360

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  • After shooting, the Boxfish App for Windows and Mac copies and organizes your files and automatically creates pre-configured Autopano project files that you can render straight away, saving you valuable time. Mistika VR also comes with presets for the Boxfish 360. The Boxfish 360 is a professional tool that ships fully assembled and custom calibrated. Ready to shoot and with all spares to keep you going on boats or remote locations.

    Amazing Image Quality
    With three frame-synced MFT cameras, large sensors, and high quality Fujinon lenses the Boxfish 360 rig is capable of much higher image clarity and better color rendition that far exceeds what rigs based on action cameras can achieve.

    Long Battery Life
    With our internal battery extender, the Boxfish 360 can record up to three hours of video or photos before you have to change cards or batteries. A single hatch provides quick access to all cards and batteries, which allows you to get back into the water quicker and shoot even more.

    Fast Workflow
    A single hatch provides tool-less access to the recorded files and for charging. It only takes a minute to swap batteries and cards and you are back in the water faster. And with only three video files to stitch, half that of action camera rigs, the post production process is faster too.


    Amazing video quality
    Three large Micro Four Thirds cameras provide 4.9x the sensor area of rigs with six action cameras, resulting in a crisper image and more detail. The larger sensors also offer improved quality at higher ISO values. In timelapse mode the Boxfish 360 shoots RAW images, allowing you full control over image adjustments in post just like with a large DSLR.

    Fast workflow
    The single access cover and charging port eliminate the need to handle each camera individually, an important factor for a fast pre- and post-dive workflow. With only three seams and precisely synced cameras, the stitching process is extremely fast and efficient.

    The Boxfish 360 was designed to reduce your work as much as possible. It does not require tools to set up, and you never have to remove the cameras to charge batteries, retrieve files, or adjust settings. That alone is a huge time saver, and a key feature that allows uninterrupted operation from small dive boats.
    Whether you're a filmmaker on assignment, or a scientist gathering data - there is never enough time to do everything you have to do. The Boxfish 360 gives you more time to do the important things.

    Long battery life
    The included batteries offer up to 90 minutes continuous or interrupted recording. A spare set of batteries is included, and they can be quickly swapped through the single hatch without tools or taking a camera out. This allows you to quickly change batteries during your surface interval between dives. This is an important feature for operation from small boats, and unique to the Boxfish 360.

    Other than 4K recording, and millisecond sync, reliability was a deciding factor for choosing the Z-Cam E1 as the camera units for the Boxfish 360. There is nothing more frustrating than returning from a dive to find that one camera didn't record - something that we never experienced with the E1. The Boxfish 360 is a reliable and mature product that's been tested thoroughly and used successfully in the heat of the tropics as well as the cold of Antarctica.

    The Boxfish 360 is the only 360 underwater rig that gives you full manual control: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance - everything is fully adjustable. Even in surface rigs this is not common. And with 300m / 1000ft depth rating you are ready to descend into the abyss.
    Two 3/8" and four 1/4" threads give you many mounting options for monopod, tripod, and lights. Because of the unique configuration it is possible to operate the Boxfish 360 with on-board lights that can illuminate the environment without showing up in the final video. Ask us about it.
  • Coverage: Full-spherical 360
    Recording modes: Video, time-lapse
    Spherical video resolution: 5040x2520 at 24, 25, and 29.97fps
    Spherical photo resolution: 12.1 MP
    Record RAW photos: yes
    Underwater stop/start: yes
    Synced cameras: yes, millisecond accuracy
    Audio buzzer: yes, for feedback and backup sync
    Aperture control: yes, manual
    ISO control: yes, auto and manual
    Shutter speed control: yes, auto and manual
    White balance control: yes, auto and manual
    Record depth: yes
    Record temperature: yes
    Record orientation: yes
    Can be used on surface: yes
    Stitched in camera: no
    File management App: yes
  • Dimensions: 300 (dia) x 165mm (height)
    Total weight: 6.0 kg / 13.2 lbs
    Maximum depth: 300 m
    Battery life: up to 180min with optional battery extender (90min without)
    Video format: MOV H.264
    Photo format: JPG + DNG RAW
    Recording bitrate: 60MBit
    Dynamic range: 10 stops
    Aperture: F2.8 to F11, manual iris
    Recording media: Micro SD 64 GB
    Sensors: Panasonic MN34230 Micro Four Thirds
    Lenses: 185° circular fisheye
    Mounting options: 4x 1/4” and 2x 3/8” threads
    Log data: Time, Depth, Temperature, Heading, Pitch, Roll
    Log resolution: Adjustable interval, 0.2s to 60s
  • Marine Management and Science
    A 360 video or panorama provides the perfect snapshot of an underwater habitat. These snapshots are ideal for counting species with high accuracy, and comparing the effect of management over time. Because capturing the whole 360 sphere reduces the workload underwater, a larger area can be covered during one dive, and the data analyzed later in the lab.

    Boxfish advantages
    • Onboard data collection for each fram or photo (depth, temperature, etc.)
    • High image quality allows quick species identification.
    • Long runtime - up to 4 hours with optional battery extender.

    Tourism and Advertising
    Attract more patrons with immersive glimpses of the stunning views that await them, and offer virtual tours for less adventurous guests or those not able to enjoy a dive in person. Or simply offer an compelling preview for those having a hard time choosing between options. With the Boxfish 360 both can be created in high quality and cost-effectively.

    Boxfish advantages
    • Efficient workflow reduces production costs.
    • High image quality perfectly shows your unique offering.
    • Fewer seams create a more realistic experience.

    Education and Training
    Many governmental and educational organisations as well as sports teams have discovered the effectiveness of immersive technologies like VR and 360 for training. Underwater video recorded by the Boxfish 360 can be used for diver training in many commercial, military, or scientific situations. 360 video provides a very cost-effective way over VR as very few elements have to be digitally created.

    Boxfish advantages
    • High Quality recording of the real environment for realistic training scenarios.
    • Ease of use and long runtime for cost-effective operation.
    • Onboard data collection (depth, temperature, compass) for data overlays.

    Storytelling and Entertainment
    Every medium offers a new opportunity for storytelling, and VR/360 is especially suited for a first-person perspective that puts the audience literally into the (dive) boots of a character. Your story in 360 video allows them to experience a visual sensation otherwise not available to them - be it about nature, adventure, or just fun.

    Boxfish advantages
    • High image quality creates a realistic experience.
    • Long runtime and reliability allows effective shooting.
    • Efficient workflow reduces production costs.


    1. PREPARE
    Charge batteries inside the Boxfish 360 through AC or DC power supply, and prepare memory cards with the Boxfish App. Turn on the camera, configure it for video or timelapse, record a brief test sequence and close the housing.

    2. SHOOT
    Record one or several videos or timelapse sequences for up to 90 minutes. Dive up to to 1000 feet / 300 meters deep. Attach your lights and accessories to one of several 1/4” and 3/8” mounting points and illuminate your environment for best results.

    3. COPY
    Open the single hatch to remove all three memory cards and copy the files with the supplied reader and free Boxfish App for Windows and Mac. The App matches files form each camera and creates Autopano projects that are ready to render in up to 5K, saving you hours of your post production time - every time.

    4. RENDER
    An Autopano Video project file is pre-configured by the Boxfish App for every recorded video, and Autopano Giga file for every recorded photo. Open the project file and adjust horizon and parallax where necessary, then render in Apple ProRes 5K for editing. Of course you can use any other 360 software like VideoStitch or Mistika VR if you prefer, and Mistika already ships with Boxfish presets.

    5. EDIT
    Combine rendered clips from several shoots in your favourite NLE like Premiere Pro or FCPX to tell your story. Plugins allow you to adjust horizon or pan/tilt the view, and you can overlay other media or data from the dive log that was recorded by the Boxfish 360. Export for upload and inject 360 metadata.

    Upload the video to your preferred distribution platform like Vimeo, JW player, Youtube, Littlstar etc. The video is compatible with all popular 360/VR platforms, apps, and goggles.