Jaunt ONE

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  • The award winning Jaunt ONE is the first professional-grade camera system specifically designed for capturing high-quality, high frame rate, high dynamic range, stereoscopic cinematic VR experiences.

    Jaunt ONE uses a modular camera architecture: each system is comprised of 24 fully synchronized modules. Operation of the system is simple; once power is attached, push one button to start/stop recording. Extensive error checking is enabled to avoid recording failures. More detailed camera configuration can be performed with a laptop over a USB interface.

    360° audio is supported through ambisonic field recordings, or in post using the Dolby ATMOS toolset

  • Sensor 1/1.2", native HD, global shutter
    Frame Rate: 25 fps up to 120 fps, configurable time lapse
    ISO Max: ISO 1600 (base ISO 540)
    Latitude: 10 stops per module
    Optics: Custom, 130 degree diagonal FOV, f/2.9
    Output Resolution: 4K per eye
    Weight: 23.5 lbs
  • JCS 2min