Entaniya 250° Fisheye

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    • Mounts on: Red EF, Sony E, MFT mounts
    • 4.3mm f/4.0 Ultra-wide Fisheye
    • Circular Image on 4/3 Format Sensors
    • 250° (H) x 250° FOV
    • 18 Glass Elements
    • Adjustable Lockable Focus Ring
    • Filtration: Drop-in F-stop discs: F2.8 / F4.0 / F5.6
  • The Entaniya 4.3mm f/4 250° super-wide fisheye lens is for cameras using Red EF, Sony E, or MFT mounts.  It creates a circular image showing a 250° field of view.  This will allow you to capture 360° FOV using only two cameras and two lenses.